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Lefkoşa (Nicosia)


About Bahçeşehir University

Welcome To BAU Cyprus
Having 20 Years Experience

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University (BAU Cyprus University) is established as a member of BAU Global Education Network. BAU Global Education Network includes higher education institutions and language schools located in three different continents (North America, Europe and Asia).

Its purpose is to provide the opportunity for students to benefit from academic means having equal level and located in different continents and countries, and get education in different campuses to enable them have an international vision.


Within the scope BAU Global Education Network, there are hundreds of graduate, post graduate and doctorate programs in various fields such as art, architecture, social sciences, physical sciences, health sciences and law. The students in this network can spend one semester, year or two years in another campus, and even can benefit from dual degree opportunities.

Administrative staff and academic staff exchange is possible between the universities in the education network, and equivalency between curriculums can be established. Furthermore, specifically designed short-term (for a couple of weeks or one semester) courses and programs are organized in BAU’s academic centers for students.

The education language is English at all universities in BAU Global Education Network. Therefore, in order to give the best English education for one year to students not having sufficient proficiency in English, the prep schools are incorporated to the universities and they also can send such students to two language schools within BAU Global Education Network located at Toronto and Washington D.C. providing the opportunity to students to study at their prep programs in Canada or United States.

With locations throughout North America, Europe & Asia, BAU Global brings the finest education practices together to foster global citizens who are committed to promoting respect for the rights of others, are considerate, and embrace human differences. The network is comprised of 5 universities, 6 academic centers, 10 language schools, 1 incubation center, 1 publishing house, over one hundred K-12 schools, and 1 international boarding school.

The network is progressing rapidly to become the leading global education network. At campuses of BAU Global universities and academic centers, over 160 academic programs at bachelor, master and doctoral levels are taught in English. In addition to traditional higher education programs, BAU Global offers language courses, short-term and certificate courses, test preparatory courses and university pathway programs. The network also offers primary and secondary education programs, including pre-school courses, practice classes and supporting courses.

BAU Global enables students to unleash their potential. Here, boundless ideas meet to form one global vision.

BAU Global Offers:

  • Academic Programs at Bachelor, Master & Doctoral Levels

  • Language Courses (English, German & Turkish)

  • Short-Term & Certificate Courses

  • Custom Winter & Summer Programs

  • University Preparatory Courses

  • Test (IELTS, TOEFL & TOEIC) Preparatory Courses

  • Practice Classes & Supporting Courses

  • Pre-School Courses

  • University Pathway Programs

  • Private & Customized Programs

  • Middle School Programs

  • High School Programs

  • Elementary Schools Programs

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