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Istanbul, Turkey


About Beykent University

Beykent University was founded by Adem Çelik-Beykent Education Foundation on 09.07.1997 with the law no. 4282, as a foundation university with a public legal entity. 

In today's growing and developing unresolved issues in Turkey, but our founder believes that education is fixed Adam Steel, "community service" was found in the consciousness of responsibility breakthrough in the field of education; After kindergarten, primary and high school, he established a perfect education chain with Beykent University.

Our university, which started to teach in Büyükçekmece Campus in the academic year 1997-1998, is continuing its education in four campuses, which are located in the center of Istanbul.

Our university, which has been developing with the development of students and graduates every year in the last 22 years since our establishment, is a social and living university providing education with an innovative perspective.

Not only in Turkey from all over the world and our country this way we sought out in order to train professionals who will represent the best way to provide education in the 21st century standards, and we continue to grow with our new graduates.


As a university that produces qualified individuals who will use knowledge and technology, develop and transform them into professional skills, by providing access to physical and technological infrastructure, social environment, educational-implementation programs and learning resources;


Leadership and social aspects are strong, know what they want, self-confidence, fast decision-making, emotional intelligence, chasing their dreams,

With systematic thinking and intellectual discipline, effective learning strategies and multi-thinking system; questioning and analytical / innovative thinking, dealing with complex problems and solving complex problems, 

To follow, use, develop and program the technology, to perceive the age they live, to recognize the society, to the ethical values ​​and to the environment,

To provide an opportunity to prepare for professional life with professional knowledge and skills around the world.



To become a higher education institution on a global scale.

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