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About Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University

Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University (CHSSU) was founded in 2016 in the Güzelyurt region of TRNC. In the academic year of 2018-2019, Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences continues its education and training activities with 2 Faculties, 1 Higher Education School, 1 Advanced Vocational School, in addition to an English-Turkish Preparatory School.

Education in Cyprus Starts with Health

Since 2017 Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University(CHSSU)  has  been accredited by the Higher Education Council of Turkey, and  are the owners of the most advanced practical laboratories in the field of health sciences in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

An International University

​Based on a rich infrastructure within an international teaching enviroment conprised of qualified teaching staff from five different countries, and students from 16 different countries in the world,we provide English education programes, student exchange programs, sports, social and cultural activities, international collaborations, and a cosmopolitan social structure. Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences teaches its students to be young people who are well-versed in English, open to development and change, ready to compete at the global level and educated  for an international career

Fully Equipped Practical Training

University of Health and Social Sciences of Cyprus has well-structured, fully-equipped practice laboratories for each discipline. Students can convert the knowledge they learn from theory into   practice through utilization of the laboratories in order to become accustomed to the realities of working life.  Our cooperation with leading institutions and organizations in the business sector enables our students to be a step ahead upon their graduation.

75% Continuous Scholarship Support

University of Cyprus School of Health and Social Sciences offers 75% scholarships in order  to provide students with  maximum possibilities. The  scholarship is awarded to a student  throughout his/her  entire education  and does not decrease in cases of  a failure of  any lesson.

Preference Of A Healthy Future

Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences  is a dynamic university with high quality teaching power, where our staff, and students chasing international success believe in a collective vision and mission of “Good choice, healthy future.”

Our Vision

To achieve the status of a nationally and internationally recognized university that pioneers change and development. To be an institute that our students, personnel and graduates are proud to be a part of.   

Our Mission

To provide education of a superior quality in accordance with  national and international recognised standards. To be commited to development and open to change, to have leadership qualities based on  profesional and ethical values, in addition to  educating  individuals to become both productive and take care of the needs of society.

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